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Handpicked for quality, style,
and uniqueness


The purpose of this site is to find quality pop culture clothing items and toys for parents and consolidate it into a single trustworthy site. No longer do you need to settle on low quality items. Spend hours searching through sites, each one becoming a riskier click than the last. We’ve taken all the hard work out of the equation and provided you with a robust selection of items, handpicked for quality, style, and uniqueness.

At Murray and Ollie’s. we hope you enjoy the selection of offerings and continue coming back as we add more and more unique and limited items for you to share with your children and teach them about your hobbies and interests.


Full disclosure, Murray and Ollie are our beloved feline friends. This site was created after I (Joey) went through my wife’s pregnancy trying to find something that would make me feel more connected to my unborn child. It was difficult enough having the pregnancy take place during the Pandemic of 2020, but not being able to go to any doctor’s appointments or hear my son’s heartbeat left me feeling disconnected from the entire experience.

I decided I had to do something that would let me form this bond and forge a connection with my son. I went down the path of trying to find clothing/apparel/baby related items that were connected to things I truly loved and enjoyed. I went in search of video game baby onesies, pop culture clothing or toys. I spent months trying to find a decent selection of things I loved throughout my life and wanted to share with child. Sadly, I came up short. The items I found were of subpar quality and the options extremely limited.

I was venting to my close friend and business partner (Justin) about the struggle. I went into detail about just how much time was invested in this search, how many sites I foraged through and how I ultimately came out with 3 Nintendo shirts that were just “ok”.

Justin advised that what I put myself through is something a lot of parents go through, especially over the last 18 months. Expecting parents, trying to find a meaningful way to connect with their children through things they themselves love. I think any parent who is a fan of video games has looked for a Zelda or Mario Bro pajama set at one time or another.

Pregnancy is a stressful enough situation. Any free time should be spent watching your child grow up. It’s supposed to be fun. We want it to be fun for you.